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Thorough Root Canal Therapy Near Fair Oaks

root canals

No one likes to hear that they need a root canal, but endodontics is the treatment that can mean the difference between keeping and losing a tooth. At Sun Oaks Dental of Fair Oaks, we approach root canals with the professionalism we apply to all levels of our practice. We seek the most efficient, least invasive and highest level of comfort possible in our office procedures. The process involves accessing and removing the pulp and nerve of the tooth from the crown. The internal aspect of the tooth is then thoroughly cleaned. Sometimes a temporary filling is placed on the tooth until the next appointment. The inside of the tooth is then cleaned again and filled with rubber to prevent bacteria from leaking in. Once the work is done, the tooth is protected and restored to its natural healthy look.

When to Seek Professional Attention

An infection that requires endodontic therapy will not always be immediately apparent. Conversely, it may be hard for patients to isolate the problem once mouth pain becomes extreme. Here are some signs and symptoms to watch out for if you suspect trouble. Call the dental office when:

  • Gums are noticeably swollen around the suspected tooth.
  • You feel unusual and extreme sensitivity to hot and cold.
  • Tooth or mouth pain wakes you up in the night.
  • Chewing is painful.
  • Tooth becomes off- or discolored.

Treating Endodontic Issues Quickly in the Gold River and Carmichael Areas

Tooth pain is serious business. If you feel you have an infected tooth, stem the damage and call Sun Oaks from Fair Oaks, Gold River, Carmichael and surrounding areas today. For full family dentistry, from general care to dentures, in the Sacramento area including Rancho Cordova, Citrus Heights, Orangevale, Folsom and Elk Grove, call us at 916-961-1901